Shaft Lines

Shaft lines represent a vital component of vessels thanks to their role in energy transmission. And, as such, every ship needs a comprehensive package providing shaft lines. Even more, only a packet of exceptional quality does the trick. And that’s where we come in at E-cycle Marine.

We provide a comprehensive package that satisfies all your shaft-line needs. As such, whether you require thrust bearings or multiple struts, or shaft breaks, or shaft joiners, or even intermediate shafts, we can satisfy your needs. We also offer hybrid motors, sleeved/steeped shafts, and compound seals as part of our package so we can meet your every demand.

We understand the relevance of shaft lines and how harsh sea conditions can affect their reliability. As such, we consider all these factors in our production system. We provide the right seals, bearing, lubrication, and expert support. This way, we help you minimise the downtime of your vessel and increase their operational efficiency.

Our shaft line solutions include:

  • Mechanical services
  • Alignment services
  • Shaft alignment software and calculation
  • Mounting & installation
  • Couplings & hydraulic bolts
  • Lubrication systems
  • Simplex bulkhead seals
  • Simplex high-load thrust bearings
  • Simplex intermediate shaft bearings
  • Machine support and simplex special marine services 

Why You Should Choose Us

We are a leading provider in the propulsion industry that offers bespoke products and services to satisfy your needs. In case you’re wondering why E-cycle Marine for your shaft line packages, it’s quite simple. We offer the following:

High Performance

At E-cycle Marine, we pride ourselves in providing shaft line packages that provide high performance. At the core of our production process is our goal to offer a bespoke application that can suit all your needs.

We have comprehensive modelling, analysis, simulation, and design software that allows us to discharge our duties optimally. We also prioritise fuel efficiency as we understand its importance within the industry. As such, we provide packages with significant propulsive thrust but a low drag. This way, you can push beyond the limit of performance and still consume fuel efficiently.

Easy Installation

At E-cycle Marine, we pride ourselves in providing full shaft-line packages that support natural and quick installation. At the core of our production process is the need to ensure you don’t waste valuable time in your installation attempt. As such, we make our designs to require the least possible task.

We provide our shaft-line packages pre-assembled and thoroughly tested. This way, you can save valuable hours that you would have needed. Even more, it ensures you can avoid cases of component failure or vibration or leaks.

Expert Engineering Support

At E-cycle Marine, we pride ourselves in providing continuing specialist engineering support. Regardless of the ease of installation, we offer a team of expert engineers available to put you through the necessary drill irrespective of your location.

In case you’re looking to acquire a comprehensive shaft-line system, we offer a wide variety of options that’ll be sure to satisfy your needs. You can reach us using any of the means below.