Interceptor Technology

As a leading service provider in the marine propulsion industry, prime among our core values is to innovate for excellence continuously. And as such, we prioritise and invest considerably in research and development. We recognise that our goal is to serve you better by being better than the rest. So, we take active steps to find better ways to provide the best and most improved technologies.

Thanks to this core value, we continue to provide new technology to increase convenience, efficiency, and performance. And prime among our offerings is our cutting-edge Interceptor Technology which is nothing short of revolutionary.

It enables us to alter the pitch of blades in situ such that you enjoy an enhanced performance. Precisely our technology allows you to change propeller blade’s angle while it remains in the water.
We understand that re-pitching your propeller blade is sometimes inevitable. And we know the high cost that comes with the orthodox process where you have to lift the vessel before you can re-pitch. We also understand that vessel operators and builders usually have to bear the cost to maximise performance. And that’s where we come in at E-cycle Marine.

We provide our E-cycle Interceptor technology that allows you to eliminate the cost of vessel lifting. You can now adjust the blade pitch while it’s still in the water. This way, you can avoid the considerable expense that comes with the conventional method.

How Does It Work?

Our Interceptor technology is an impressive design that comes off as a modifiable protrusion on the propellers blade. It’s precisely placed on the top of the trailing edge of the blade’s pressure face. And it functions to produce a discontinuity on the surface.

Then, the protrusion design comes off with an angle less than or equal to 90 degrees. In turn, this protrusion allows the capture of a “wedge” of flowing fluid. In turn, this wedge induces an increased local lift of the foil section. And this does not create a frictional drag of other foil sections. 

This lift then allows you to adjust the blade pitch while inside the water. However, the effective pitch will depend on the interceptor strip’s relative height. 

Why You Should Choose Us

We are a leading provider in the propulsion industry that offers bespoke products and services to satisfy your needs. In case you’re wondering why E-cycle Interceptor technology, it’s quite simple. Our interceptor technology offers improved performance.

We offer a variety of interceptor strips depending on the shape and height of your propeller. And, in turn, we enable you to easily modify the respective pitch of every blade which can then change its performance. 

As such, regardless of the prevailing conditions like varying water temperature or load weight, you can engage your engine’s power maximally. And, in turn, improve vessel performance.

In case you’re looking to acquire a comprehensive marine protrusion system with our Interceptor technology, we are available to satisfy your every need. You can reach us using any of the means below.