Propellers remains an essential part of superyachts. And even more, thanks to their complexities and use, there’s the need for custom-tailored propellers. This way, the structural integrity of the superyacht isn’t compromised. And that’s where we come in at E-cycle Marine.

We provide custom made propellers to support the needs of superyacht projects. We utilise a computerised machining system that eliminates the likelihood of error and ensures precision. This way, we produce a propeller that fits accurately and can be installed seamlessly into your superyacht.

At E-cycle Marine, we pride ourselves in providing unique designs thanks to our talented and innovative team. We engage and support our designers to be creative and explore FEA software and our CFD. And, in turn, this ensures you get the best physical designs possible.

We also make provision for a variety of superyacht. As such, whether it’s a displacement superyacht, we ensure you can enjoy an efficient propulsion system that satisfies every need. 

Similarly, where it’s a fast-displacement superyacht, we ensure that we satisfy the need for quietness, efficiency, and smoothness, including exceptional acceleration, market-leading efficiency, and high-top speeds for diverse activities.

Also, in case it’s a high-speed superyacht we’re also capable. We offer our revolutionary propellers that provide high-thrust and high-speed that reshapes the boundaries beyond imagination.

Why You Should Choose Us

We are a leading provider in the propulsion industry that offers bespoke products and services to satisfy your needs. In case you’re wondering why E-cycle Marine for your superyachts, it’s quite simple. We offer the following:

Minimum Noise and Vibration

Thanks to our computerised system, which promotes accuracy in the production process, our propellers come with a precise and equal blade to blade geometry. And as such, it ensures that there are minimum noise and vibration.

Delayed Cavitation

We understand the risk of cavitation posed to propellers and how damaging it can be. As such, regardless of your vessel type or size, we apply our pattern-free moulding technology and fully automated technology that reduce cavitation.

Increased Propulsive Efficiency

At E-cycle Marine, we pride ourselves in providing a propulsive efficiency that ranks top within the industry. Thanks to our various proprietary technology, we ensure effective balance maintenance between the maximum thrust and fuel loss. As such, we ensure efficiency in fuel consumption.

In case you’re looking to acquire a propulsion system for your superyachts, we are available to satisfy your needs. You can reach us using any of the means below.