Ferries & High-Speed Craft

Like most vessels, ferries and high-speed crafts need propellers. And in this case, not just any propeller.

Your boat and high-speed ships require propellers made of the best materials. Even more, it requires propellers that can support maximum speed. And that’s where we come in at E-cycle Marine.

We recognise the vital role that propellers play in your vessels. And as such, we provide both engineering design and product solutions that meet your needs. We support ferry builders all over the world and ensure they can provide the best product. 

We provide optimal propellers that can support the speed goals and requirement of your products. We ensure they can run at optimal speed and remain durable over a long period. We prioritise the best alloys to achieve this.

Our provision extends beyond propellers and includes ride control and shaft-lines. We ensure we make our products to suit your needs. As such, we prioritise compatibility, operational simplicity, and accuracy in assembly.

Our services cut across various ferry size. As such, regardless of the size of your intended product, we can fit in seamlessly and support your goal of excellent product delivery.

Why You Should Choose Us

We are a leading provider in the propulsion industry that offers bespoke products and services to satisfy your needs. In case you’re wondering why E-cycle Marine for your ferries and high-speed crafts, it’s quite simple. We offer the following:

Tailored Products

At E-cycle Marine, we pride ourselves in being the one-stop-place for propulsion systems if you’re looking to build a ferry or high-speed craft. We understand the need for tailored designs. And we deliver by complying with every part of your specification.

We deliver regardless of your specifications and maintain the quality we are renowned for.

Minimum Vibration

At E-cycle Marine, we pride ourselves in providing computerised machining (CNC) that eliminates the errors present in the manual production process. Our systems are fully automated with no need for manual adjustments. As such, we guarantee the geometric accuracy of every section of the propeller.

We eliminate imperfections in the foil sections, boss and blades. And, in turn, we ensure that you can enjoy a quiet and smooth thrust delivery. We also ensure that we delay cavitation and its severity.

We provide a fully functional and stable propeller for your use.

In case you’re looking to acquire a propulsion system for your ferries and high-speed vessels, we are available to satisfy your needs. You can reach us using any of the means below.