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The Home of Bespoke Marine Propulsion Systems.

E-cycle Marine is a leading manufacturer of marine propulsion systems. We specialise in the provision of advanced and customised marine propulsion systems for a wide range of applications. We also provide financing services for marine equipment and boats.

Our Services

Every vessel requires an effective and efficient propulsion system for effective performance. As such, we provide comprehensive and tailored-made marine propulsion systems for your every need.

Our systems are efficient, effective, cost-effective, and functional. Our marine propulsion systems are a product of a state-of-the-art manufacturing process that ensures our products are of only the highest quality.

Our core service offerings include:

Propeller Range

We understand the variety of needs you might want to gear your propeller towards meeting. From high speed to maximum performance, low vibration and noise, there are various functions and combination of features that you might need. And that’s where we come in.

At E-cycle Marine, we provide a comprehensive range of propellers for your variety of needs. We offer custom services such that you can specify your requirements and have us satisfy them. Our existing propeller range includes the E-cycle Star set, the E-cycle Sportfish set, the E-cycle Superyacht set, and the E-cycle Surf set.

Shaft Lines

We understand the necessity of comprehensive shaft line packets. We also understand the impact of harsh sea conditions on the reliability of shaft lines. And that’s where we come in. At E-cycle Marine, we provide a comprehensive and efficient shaft line packet for your various vessels.

From thrust bearings to shaft joiners, to multiple struts and even intermediate shafts and hybrid motors, we provide bespoke packages. We combine our considerable experience and expertise within the industry to meet your specific requirement in all areas.

Interceptor Technology

We understand the cost and stress that comes with the conventional adjustment method of propeller blades. As such, we appreciate your need to find a more cost-effective and accessible way of adjustment. And that’s where we come in.

At E-cycle Marine, we provide our innovative and integrated Interceptor technology for your propeller blade. We ensure you can engage in adjustment in situ. And as such, we offer innovative technologies that allow you to save cost whether you’re a marine builder or operator.


We understand the variety of vessels that are available and the range of needs for each ship. And that’s where we come in. At E-cycle Marine, we provide a variety of propulsion systems that fits perfectly into a wide range of boats and applications.

We design our propellers to suit various needs efficiently and optimally. As such, whether it’s a superyacht, or a sportfishing boat, or a sports cruiser, or commercial vessels or ferries and high-speed craft, we supply and meet your needs.


We understand the financial burden that comes with the acquisition of a marine boat or marine equipment. As such, we appreciate your need for a financing mechanism. And that’s where we come in.

At E-cycle Marine, we provide a tailored approach that allows you to finance the acquisition. Whether you’re looking towards a marine boat financing or equipment financing, we ensure and offer a variety of means to get funds.

Why You Should Choose Us

Our service offerings stand ahead of the pack within the industry. With us, we ensure you enjoy access to the following.

Innovation and Technological Advancement

Over the years, the boundaries of the marine propulsion industry have undergone enormous changes. Various technological developments have emerged to increase speed, promote fuel efficiency, and minimise vibration and noise.

At E-cycle Marine, we are at the forefront of these technological efforts to improve marine propulsion. We continuously prioritise research and development that allows us to roll out new and improved service offerings.

Precision and Accuracy in Our Manufacturing Process

Early production systems involved a manual production system which was prone to error and mistakes. In later time, a hybrid of human and computerised manufacturing system emerged, which reduced human error in the production system.

Although this is great, at E-cycle Marine, we have transcended to a fully computerised production process. Thanks to our CNC machining, we provide fantastic accuracy and precision concerning marine propulsion systems. As such, our designs meet your needs and specification to the most minute of details.

Innovation and Technological Advancement

Thanks to our constant research, and application of new technologies, we provide improved performance with our propulsion systems. They accelerate faster, reach a higher speed, maximise range, run smoother, and remain durable through harsh weather and sea conditions.

We guarantee top-notch performance when you install any of our propellers, and we guarantee this with a warranty. Our strict and thorough quality control system ensures we can provide the highest assurance.

Are you looking to acquire a propeller? You can reach us using any of the means below.